Friday, November 6, 2009

This is a very special preview for me - Photographing friends can fall either way - I think this one fell the right way! We started in Hyden and then went out to the farm near Varley. I'd never been out that way before and the drive out was beautiful - very different countryside again to West of Hyden. What was it you said Lis "It's not nowhere but you can see nowhere from it"? Well I loved it out there - must be the country girl coming out in me.

Enjoy the sneak peek!

Oh what a feeling! I had M doing this on his own too - I think he was buggered afterwards.

What a cutey hey!

These big brown eyes are just stunning!

And my favourite!

You know the drill by now - Proofs are on their way!

I have had such a great response from families in Hyden and I have decided to return in April School holidays 2010 - I already have 7 names on the list so if you are interested in having a family photo session done then please email me and I will add you on. Package details and costs should be available by middle January and then I will work out a schedule and allocate times.

If you live in another area and would like to discuss the possibility of a family photo session then please contact me - If numbers are interested then I am only to happy to travel to your area.

Also if you are interested in my Christmas special - session times are limited so you had better be quick!


Enjoy the warm weather if you are in Perth!


Gayle said...

Great shots Sharon!! Love Jetts amazing blue eyes!

Condi Scrappers said...

Great job Sharon! Love looking at your photos!
Linda Styles

Sharon Manning said...

Thanks Gayle & Linda - it's lovely reading your comments.

Lissy said...

More fab pics Sharon! Glad you enjoyed your visit to the edge of nowhere!