Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another Preview - This time of the Ray Family. This session was full on with H who just would not keep still - he was a challenge, but I like a challenge and I think I captured him perfectly in the end.

I know this first photo is not perfect, the composition isn't so great - you can't see Mum, dad is squinting, there are rain clouds in the background lit by the afternoon sun, and so on and so on, but when I opened this image up today in Photoshop I almost screamed - it says so much about this family that I just had to include it and as it turns out it is one of my very favourites. I LURVE it!

Gotta love a little baby dribble! - this little guy was soooooo good and he even fell asleep on the walk home.

Here's the little pocket rocket - He did not stop for the whole shoot - he certainly kept me on my toes, but Oh what blue eyes he had. He is certainly male model material when he gets older !

And the two boys together, you could say this was a rare moment.

Thanks N&S for inviting me into your lovely family, enjoy the sneak peek - the proofs are on their way.

Sharon xo

P.S. Thanks for all the lovely comments I have been getting - all the support I have received from friends and family has been very inspiring and reassuring too - Thanks to all of you! I feel like I'm heading into another chapter of my very full life and also into a very busy 2010! Life is pretty good at the moment.


Lissy said...

two great photo shoots Sharon...fabulous stuff