Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I got some patterns in the mail today that I ordered last week from here. With school holidays coming up I wanted to get some bits together for the girls to do so that I don't hear "I'm bored Mum, what can I do?" Although Gemma has dance competitions these holidays and there is the Royal Show too, so I think with some things to do at home they should be kept rather busy.

The handbag patterns are for me and I love the Pocket and Floss rabbits and Mrs Perkins is pretty cute too.

Look at what Lis gave me last week...............

Thanks Lis I love it and it will be put to good use.

I really needed some me time yesterday and decided to do some embroidery on some felt. I might add a few other bits and pieces yet, like some charms or something along those lines.

The other week when we went to David Jones in the city Steve made me buy this gorgeous journal that I really wanted but was rather expensive, so I spoiled myself. Anyway, I think I will use this embroidery to make a cover to protect my journal when using it. I just need to find a pattern or make up my own.

Ok here is a sneak peek at my layout class for the Hyden Retreat coming up.............I have used the gorgeous Basic Grey Infuse range of papers and die cuts.

Now I need to finish the "Off the Page" class and I will post some sneak peeks of that one too.

Steve is back today.........Yay and I think I'm getting a cold.....sore throat and headache.

Here is the first Iris from my garden this year.......

OK stand by because in the next few days I will be announcing a give away and it has something to do with my new website too.......

Until then take care and hope you are enjoying your week.


Hannah said...

OMG, I was hoping the "I'm bored Mum!!" cries would cease by that age! I can't count the number of times I've heard that today and it's only day 2!! :-0

Sorry to hear you are getting sick, I hope it doesn't amount to much and you feel better tomorrow.

LOVE that iris, it's so beautiful! They are my favourite flowers, I had purple ones in my wedding bouquets :-)

Lissy said...

Love the look of those pattersn :)

And I know that layout is great :)

Hope you are feeling a bit better :)

Megan said...

Hi Sharon,

Happy birthday to Renae!!! Sorry I missed the last post (I've been sick) but I am trying to catch up. Love the cake!!

I love your embroidery....how exquisite!

And I wish I could come to the retreat with you girls - am busting to see your layouts!

Have a great week Sharon,
Megan xx

Tracey Bower said...

Hi Sharon,
Glad Renae's Birthday went well for you, know what you mean about D.H.'s working with you as a team when you have guests around. Your layout and embroidery looks lovely, I so can't wait for school holidays, bring them on, hope you are not going to get too sick but my household is dropping like flies ATM with the flu, fun NOT.
Take care

Megan said...

That embroidery is just gorgeous - you are so clever.

Judy said...

MMM that embroidery is gorgeous.