Monday, September 24, 2007

Renae's 15th Birthday!

I’m exhausted!

I won’t go into huge details about the weekend but let’s just say I need a rest today.
It was Renae’s 15th Birthday yesterday and seeing as she didn’t have to work on Saturday she asked if she could go clothes shopping. Now if you know Renae you will also know that clothes shopping isn’t something she has a lot of patience for.
So we made some deals before embarking on our expedition and we both had a lovely time and came home with some clothes – Nice ones too!

After getting home at 2.00pm from shopping, we went into a frenzy of cleaning up a bit and shifting some furniture around so that the 6 or 7 girls could sleep in the family room. I was making Renae’s cake which was really plan B (or was it C?) as we could not find what we were looking for “ready made”.

Harry arrived at about 4.00pm who I was also babysitting, he is such a cutie! Anyway because I was trying to finish off Renae’s cake, which incidentally was a Cookie Monster Cake, I let Harry get over tired and of course he wanted to party with 7 girls and not got to bed, so he cried a little but eventually gave in and went to bed. Didn’t hear from him again all night, even when I was checking on him every hour!

Back to the cake, finished that off then pizzas for the girls for tea, waited for Stephanie to arrive (one of Renae’s guests) then actually had the cake. It was a hit thank goodness, here’s a photo! We all ended up with blue teeth and lips.

Michelle came home to collect Harry at about 12.15pm and then I crashed and left the girls to watching DVD’s in bed. They were extremely good – did not hear them once.

Sunday morning Renae made pancakes for everyone and I was making salads as my parents were coming for lunch. Lachlan (Renae’s boyfriend) arrived at about 11.00am to join us for the day and gosh did he spoil Renae. Mum and Dad left about 3.30pm and My brother-in-law Wayne and Sister-In-Law Thelma arrived at 6.30pm, Michelle came around at about 7.00pm with Sami because she threw a wobbly and wanted to see Renae for her birthday – secretly I was glad she came. Wayne and Thelma left at 8.00pm and Michelle not long after – oh yeah and Lachlan was picked up at some stage in there. People coming and going and me not really able to chat properly to any of them because by this time I was barely able to string two words together – so they kindly talked to me!

I was snoring by 10.00pm - and where was Steve you ask? In Coral Bay FISHING!
Lucky him. I didn’t realise how much we work together when we have visitors with the cooking and cleaning up until last night. He is never going away on a Birthday weekend again, even if it does mean we will be eating Red Emperor for the next few weeks.

Here is my gorgeous "baby" girl, Happy Birthday sweetheart I hope all your dreams come true.

What am I doing today? Resting me thinks.


Hannah said...

It must be the day for birthday blog posts - I just wrote one about Tyler's 3rd birthday which happens to be today!

Happy Birthday Renae! It sounds like she had a fabulous weekend, and the cake is cute! You must be really tired though, hope you get to rest up today!

Lissy said...

Sounds like a great success :) Love the cake! Boyfriends...eeek! Glad that is years away for me!

Mel Goodsell said...

Have a good rest Sharon :O) That's such a cute cake,