Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I promised I would be back with an update as to what we did last weekend!

My parents are in Perth for the week and offered to have the girls for the weekend, so Steve and I escaped for the weekend into the city. We left here Saturday morning and I had a facial and Steve had a massage at a Spa in Northbridge (I won't name it for obvious reasons), it was the worst facial I think I have ever had - this should have been a sign that the weekend was not going to go to plan! This salon had been recommended by a friend and I was very much looking forward to being pampered and well, just relaxing. Not to be, the girl had the coldest hands, I swear she had just stuck them in the freezer. At one point I thought she was sticking hot needles in my face and had to ask her to stop as I was not there for a torture session. OK tick that off!

Off we went to check in at the Chifley hotel in St George's Tce and we have stayed there many times now and find it to be convenient and charming without the Big Hotel syndrome. Well let's just say that it has definitely dropped its standards a little and the rooms are very tired and in need of a refit.
We went into the city and grabbed some lunch and also visited the David Jones Food Hall and spent a small fortune on things like chocolates, dips, cheeses etc. Yum!

That evening, courtesy of a friend of ours, we had tickets to see Alice in Wonderland performed by the WA Ballet - Just stunning - Loved it! The costumes and set design was awesome and the White Rabbit was very entertaining. OK that was a highlight of the weekend.

Sunday, breakfast at the hotel, then Steve and I decided to take the day as it came and not make any to Hillary's for fish and chips and that yummy fish and chip place I can't remember the name of. I think every man and his dog decided to to to Hillary's on Sunday. Parking was a nightmare! Anyway found a spot as we were trying to exit the carpark - checked my phone and Renae had phoned both of us and sms'd us too. Ok so I ring Renae - "Mum we are home already, what time will you be back?" Great so home we went to Mum, Dad and the girls waiting for us in the verandah.
Weekend over :-(
I think we can put the weekend down to one of those that we shouldn't have had!
On a much brighter note...........HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you have the best birthday ever.
Steve is off fishing to Coral Bay for the weekend, Renae has her 15th Birthday party on Saturday night - 6 girls for a sleepover! Arrrrrggghhhhh what was I thinking? High School Musical 2 comes out on Foxtel on Saturday afternoon so hopefully that will keep them quiet for a while.
I think I need a little holiday of my own very soon - just me on a beach with a cocktail in one hand, book in the other.....Yeah in my dreams!!!!!!!!!!! is going fabulously so don't forget to check it out if you haven't already. More products will be going online soon and please if you have a Tip or Technique you would like to contribute, just email me and I will link back to your blog or website.
OK I am off to work on my projects for the retreat today!


Hannah said...

Sorry about the facial and the hotel, but it sounds like the ballet show was awesome! What a great experience getting to see it, especially getting free tickets - wow! :-)

Lissy said...

Bummer about the weekend....but the balllet would be lovely...sounds like a busy weekend ahead!
And at least we can have fun tomorrow :)

Gayle Smith said...

Hey Sharron!
I haven't met you yet, but I will soon. I'm going to Karen's retreat too. I've just been over at Lis' blog and got your blog link from there...catchya soon

Megan said...

Hi Sharon,

Oh my :-( what a shame parts of the weekend turned out to be so rotten, and that it ended so early. I think you need to organise another one soon.

Thank you for my birthday wishes, and yes I think it has been the best one ever!

Megan xx

Kim G said...

Hi Sharon,

We were at the ballet on Saturday night too - what a shame I didn't see you there! Sorry to hear about all the low points of the weekend. Good luck this weekend with the sleepover LOL!

Kim xx

Tracey Bower said...

Hi Sharon,
Oh what a bummer to have planned such an awesome weekend and to have such a lot of disappointment, usually the way when you really look forward to something so much. I hope next time is better if you chance it all again. Have a better weekend this weekend.
Take care