Saturday, August 4, 2012

Perth Family Photographer | Cassey Girls

I have photographed Lis’ girls on several occasions now and it’s always enjoyable.  We were chatting a few months back about a “styled” shoot that we could do using a few of the most amazing props that Lis seems to pull out of nowhere.  I knew she had some hat boxes and old suitcases that were going to be appropriate.  Then in the few days leading up to the session Lis was messaging me photos of different things she had remembered including an old bike, vintage children’s chairs and “the” suitcases.

I had some bunting made by the lovely Janelle from Janellybelly Bags and Things a few months back now and included this in my own stash filling the back of my car.  The bunting has been patiently sitting on my shelf waiting for the perfect moment to be included in a photo session.

So we headed to a spot that I thought would be perfect for our styled session and set everything up.  Then the mozzies attacked….I could feel them biting me through my shirt and they were monsters!  Just me….not Lis or the kids so much….I must be tastier than the others.  Anyway, I had a job to do, so in between shots Lis would stand behind me and “smack” the mozzies on my back and arms.   Ah just as well I love what I do.

Lis’ Mum came to the rescue with some mozzie spray……THANK YOU!

Miss E sitting on one of “those” suitcases…..see the vintage bike in the background….swoon!


Serene state.


I had to laugh when I saw this one…..Little Miss M always has me in stitches with her facial expressions…..she has some doozies.


My vintage cameras were a hit….reminds me I must ask my brother for some of his….he has some gorgeous ones.


In between funny faces…..isn’t she just gorgeous and so full of spunk.


See! say no more…..she was singing to her Mumma here.


Was it worth lugging all the props through the bush… bet!

Was it worth being eaten alive by mozzies…..gosh yes…..until I had a hot shower that night!

If you are interested in a “styled” shoot just like this one, give me a call and we can have a chat, I will make sure I pack the mozzie spray I promise.

Sharon xo

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Tracey said...

Just stunning Sharon, they are just amazing.
love me :-)

Ceejay said...

OMG Sharon - they are just beautiful - love the vitnage!

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