Friday, August 3, 2012

Need to know what date it is?

EC8003 - 5x10 Clean White Calendar 72
EC8003 - 5x10 Clean White Calendar 72
8x10 2013 Blooming Green Calendar 72
These custom designed 2013 Calendars will be available for print orders placed from August to December. 
Version 1 measures 10” high x 5” wide and will be priced at $15.00 each and
Version 2 measures 10” high x 8” wide and are $20.00 each.
Discounts apply to orders of 5 or more calendars (must be the same image to apply).
Calendars always make a great Christmas gift that keeps giving the whole year through, but these ones will be sure to delight with your very own family image.
If you have already had a photo session and would like to place and order for your 2013 calendars then please contact me to arrange.
Celebrate your family today!
Sharon xo
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