Thursday, August 2, 2012

Perth Family Photographer | Campbell Family

It’s been a while I know…..I get on a roll with my blog and then it goes totally out the window.

Even though it’s the middle of Winter I have still been shooting and loving it….the cooler weather is so much nicer to photograph in.  My body temp goes through the roof when I shoot so it is much more confortable for me.  And when you get the winter days we have been having then it’s even better!

So Kirsty and I have been trying to get a photo session in for a while now and for one reason or another it just hasn’t happened….until now….and oh my, did we have some fun.  I have wanted to go to Guildford for some time now and do a family session.  I drive past the Fire Station all the time and always thought it would be a good spot.

The kids all bought along some personal items to use as props and they worked a treat.  We were thoroughly entertained by Miss M the whole time and what a delight she was.  In fact the whole family were totally co-operative and “into” having their photographs taken.


The kiddly winks…..


I think those Marigolds were planted just for us, if only they had been a little bigger!


Love this one of Mr K, looking so cool.


I played with this one a little…..I know that Kirsty is a creative soul and would appreciate the added extras.


I just love the way Kirsty is laughing at John as obviously he has said something only meant for her ears and the look on his face is priceless.


LOVE!  You know when you picture an image in your head before you take it….well that!


This woman is stunning……inside and out.


And a fine art image to finish…..even though this was a fun urban shoot there is always an opportunity to capture that special image!

I love my job.

Sharon xo

P.S. Kirsty please excuse my grammar and punctuation Smile

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