Thursday, August 9, 2012

Falling in love

You know the feeling of falling in love right?  Well I have experienced that this last week.  No not with a human being, I’m already madly in love with my husband of 22 years, but with a Program/App (call it what you will), weird I know.

I work across 3 devices, my Desktop computer (PC), my iPad and my iPhone (oh and I have a laptop too).  One day I might convert across to Mac but I can’t see that happening anytime soon, at least until I can convert my darling husband too. 

Why so many?

I find myself on the road alot these days, sometime out of obligation and sometimes out of choice.  I live around 30mins from “civilisation” so when I need to head out I try and combine it with other stuff and quite often end up out for the whole day.  Consequently I need to keep in touch with things and the best way to do this was to find a program or application that I could use across all devices.


Enter Evernote

I am still getting my head around it but the power of this app is amazing.  I have been doing simple everyday tasks and thinking to myself, how I can apply this to Evernote? and in most cases I can do that.

The notebooks can be sorted into whatever category you need/want and then the notes themselves filed into the notebooks.

I have been able to:

  • File bills to be paid – I’m trying to go completely electronic and reduce the amount of printing and paper our family creates.  Unfortunately there are a few sources that are yet to provide invoices etc electronically.  For example my bank is still to provide electronic Bank statements to their clients…..don’t get that!  Sure you can access them with online banking but I’m talking about the ones I get in the mail every month.  For these cases I can still scan in the Statement and file it in Evernote.  They have a app that lets you scan documents straight into Evernote…..still yet to try that one.
  • Set up a Notebook ready to record our holiday diary (including photos) that I can share with family and close friends whilst we are away.
  • Save web pages, tutorials and blog posts to read when I get the time.  I can delete them once read but if it’s something I think I might need to refer to in the future, then it is saved as a resource.  Evernote Clearly plugin removes all the advertising and sidebars and lets you save just the content… distractions.
  • Write blog posts when inspiration strikes.  This will help me build up a library of posts in advance.
  • I can store my Price Lists, Booking Forms and other static documents I share with my clients and email them to them immediately.
  • I can store emails that I need to action and even attach it to my To Do List.
  • ………….still exploring and adding to this list daily.

So what happens when I update my To Do List on my iPad?  I just hit the Sync button when I’m done and the file is updated on the web and available immediately from my desktop or iPhone.

There are mountains of plugin apps too that you can use to do a multitude of processes and I am still discovering these every day.

evernote 1


Best thing……it’s free to get started with the app and if you want to realise it’s full power then you can purchase the plugins to take it to the next level.

Sharon xo

This is not a sponsored post, I am not renumerated in any way for my comments, I am merely sharing my own thoughts and experiences about this product.  They are just that my comments!

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Linda said...

That seems like something I need to download.

Violetta Inna said...

It seems interesting. Let's see how it works.
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