Monday, April 16, 2012

York Workshop…..for me

Ok I have to go back to August last year first…..I attended August Exposure 2011 on the Gold Coast and I was struck down with the flu for pretty much the whole conference.  This was really the beginning of all my health issues which plagued me until recently.  Rob and Shirl Heyman hosted the conference and whilst I was there in body I tried to absorb as much as I possibly could whilst hugging a box of tissues and trying very hard to just breathe!  I met two lovely photographers that took me under their wing (as much as they could without compromising their own health), Ngarie Humphrey and Kate Raston.  During the week there was mention of the possibility of having Rob and Shirl visit WA so that we could learn and be inspired by them in a smaller group setting.

So…..when I heard from Ngarie that yes in fact Rob and Shirl were coming West I jumped at the chance to participate and upped my Vitamin C intake immediately…..there wasn’t a chance I was going to miss this opportunity.

On 19th and 20th March I had the privilege of sharing in a workshop with an awesome group of photographers and Rob of course was in his element with us all being female.  We learned from a Master, had our photography critiqued (not as nerve wracking as I imagined!), laughed alot and shared our experiences with each other and I came away feeling very refreshed and somewhat assured I was on the right track.  I also had some one on one time with the awesome Shirl and having shared in my own husbands successes over the years I can honestly respect the role she plays in the Heyman empire Winking smile.  What’s that saying…..behind every great man stands a great woman!  Thank you Shirl!  I know you like to stand behind the scenes and time keep but I’m sure Rob could not do what he does without you, your input has been invaluable.

It is very rare I have my own photo taken, which I am sure applies to all six women in this photograph received from Rob yesterday….


Ngarie Humphrey, Me, Rob Heyman, Beth Stevens, Kate Raston, Dani McCreery and Jo Ashworth.

Thank you to Ngarie for your superb organisation and to Kate for arranging our subjects for the photoshoot, also Ngarie’s Mum for her assistance with our morning and afternoon teas….yummo!

I was very fortunate to stay at the amazing Faversham House in York, what a beautiful setting for the workshop and the accommodation was superb, not to mention the cooked breakfast!

Thank you to Rob and Shirl too who are just so willing to share their wealth of knowledge, the key to our success is what we do with that knowledge!

Sharon xo