Monday, April 16, 2012

Perth Family Photographer | Ellis Family

This session was gifted to Yvonne by her sister for her birthday and she wanted to include her 3 gorgeous daughters.  We were scheduled for the 11th April and the weather forecast was for an extremely hot day, luckily it was in the morning before it really got hot, but it was still a challenge and I was totally soaked by the time we finished…..not a pretty sight.

I thought we were going to get into trouble for this first shot as the station at Whitman Park hadn’t quite opened yet! But we were in and out before anyone saw us.

A Ellis-25 BW

A Ellis-57

The birthday girl.  Stunning blue eyes which I have not photoshopped at all!

A Ellis-75

A Ellis-156

A Ellis-194

A Ellis-204

Just stunning women don’t you agree! 

A Ellis-244-2-BE blush

Sharon xo