Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Perth Family Photographer | Jen Burns & Family

I photographed Jen’s family four years ago and she wanted to update her son’s photos (she was running out of new ones to scrapbook!).

I hardly recognised the boys, they had grown so much and well on their way to being men.  All three towered over me so I was glad I remembered to pack my little step ladder, it came in very handy.

We met at one of my favourite locations and also one I thought would be appropriate for the boys which turned out not to be too far from their place.

Apparently it’s not cool to smile but I think I managed (after a lot of coercing) to capture the “real” them, smiling or not.





Hopefully we don’t leave it for another four years or they will be bringing their own kids along too!  Not that I mind Winking smile

Love the last one of Jen – thank goodness I talked her into having a few taken while we were there.

Love ya Jen!

Sharon xo