Monday, August 1, 2011

Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Or so they say....don't they?

This last month has been a whirlwind of packing, travelling, quick unpack only to repack and travel again.  Being away from home and in particular my husband (he was very busy working!) was necessary but also very difficult.  I kept thinking about everything I needed to get done at starting to sort through cupbopards and sheds and whole rooms, not to mention the front hallway which we haven't seen for around 3 years I reckon!  Why? because we have decided the time is right to move outta here and start another chapter in our lives.  Where are we going?  No idea but the seed has been planted and with a little watering and care should sprout very soon.....hopefully!  More on this to come I'm sure.

Anyway, we were in Sydney for a week so Gemma could particpate in the Brent St Winter Workshop which she loved and gained so much experience from.  Here she is walking in day one - a little nervous.  By Day 3 she wanted to stay forever.

Renae and I spent our days shopping, sightseeing and spending a small fortune on parking (WOW it's expensive over there!  $59 for 1-2 hours was a little bit rich for my liking). 

Here she is in Darling Harbour.

Me - See I do have my photo taken sometimes.  It was freezing this particular day....I have 3 layers under that jumper).

Gemma wanted Starbucks so after the aquarium and wildlife park 

we queued for about 20 mins for a coffee!

and what's a visit to Sydney without Krispy Kremes - at the airport for breakfast on the way home but Gemma ticked it off her list of to do's (they are all Gemma's by the way!).

Glad to be home and back into a routine.
Hopefully I will be back with some more to share in a couple of days.


suzitee said...

Welcome home, and back to "normal" life! Krispy Kremes are so yummy, and always remind me of Sydney airport :)
Good luck with the packing, decluttering, and moving...hope it all goes smoothly and as you hope :)