Thursday, August 4, 2011

3rd August, 2011

Last night was Gemma's Showcase for her school and I was blown away.  We went last year and really, the talent of the students was incredible.  Singers, dancers and musicians showcasing their skills and amazing ablities all in one night of the year.

This year's performance exceeded last year by a mile.  The opening tap item (which Gemma and her 3 fellow students choreographed) was an attention grabber and even included some comedy which was very entertaining.  The night unfolded from there with solo singers singing Adele songs, Hallelujah (gave me goosebumps!!!), piano solos that you would think were being played by 40 year olds....all of it.....every single performance was amazing!

Obviously this is the last year she will be participating, which is rather sad and due to work commitments Steve couldn't be there, but Gemma shone in her 3 numbers.  I got to see her do a comtemporary routine for the first time and I was mesmerised and after watching her dance for the last 10 years that was no mean feat.  Even made her sister cry!!!!!!!!!

I'm hoping to get a copy of the video so that Steve and other family and friends can enjoy what transpired too.

No photos today just words or lack there of!

Yesterday was an amazing day - I spent the morning with a very special new friend and we just talked for around 2 1/2 hours non stop.  All about her recent travels and me about mine, although no where near in comparison to 6 weeks worth.

Then I had some me time with a much needed manicure and repair job to my nails.

Home to do some more packing and cleaning out......the house is really starting to look "nice" :-)

A phone call with some incredibly positive news that I had been hoping and praying for all day.  Thank you to my friends too yesterday that shared this with me and dropped everything and listened to me crying and laughing all at the same time...mwah.

Then I sat next to someone last night and we started talking about her new business ventures and how excited she was about her future plans and all the changes that have happened with her 4 children in the last year.  Only one of her girls (yes 4 girls) is still at school, who funnily enough I had crossed paths with that day at school on a quick visit to drop off some lunch money to Gemma.  You know it was lovely to hear her say that is her turn now to do something with her life after devoting it to her  gorgeous girls.  I offered to give her a hand and we also discussed lots of opportunities so I am looking forward to hearing more over a coffee very soon.

Yes, yesterday was a very positive day!

EDITED: Adding in the beautiful view today from my bedroom.....ah some sunshine today is lovely!  See I can't do a post without a photo :-)