Monday, May 23, 2011

Preview : S Family

I was so looking forward to this photo session yesterday - I've known the lovely K (Mrs S) for a while now and was excited to meet her whole family.  We headed for a park in Wanneroo but everyone else had the same idea given the fine weather, so we just went for a walk along Joondalup Lake and really, just had some fun - what else do kids want to do?

So here you go K a sneak peek - Seriously I don't know how you are going to decide there are just so many!

Adorable Miss E

We thought Master N was going to be difficult, he was anything but!

Master S - very suave!

I never looked at this one until this morning - love it ! 

Mr A looking very collected!

Makes me smile!

The whole family.

So so sweet. 


I just want to squish those cheeks. 


Isn't she stunning!

EDITED TO NOTE:  Please visit Kristen's blog here to see what plans she has for her photos and why we planned the photo session in the first place!