Saturday, May 14, 2011

She's at the Ball tonight!


It has been a huge day.....back with some more photos tomorrow!


Kirsty said...

Oh my goodness what a princess!!! How lucky does her date feel?? Gorgeous, gorgeous girl <3

Michelle W said...

She looks stunning ! Love the dress ! I hope she has a wonderful night !

Tracey said...

There is nothing to say but AMAZING... what a beautiful young lady and that dress is just stunning. Hope the night was amazing too.
love me :-)
Can't wait for more photo's

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful Sharon, she looks gorgeous! You must be so proud. Hope she had a great night! Look forward to seeing more photos.
Ann S

Cindy Banks said...

Gemma is absolutely stunning, gorgeous dress. Sharon you have captured this moment so beautifully. xx