Friday, March 4, 2011

Mixed bag in point form

1. New Photography package is coming along nicely thank you - I really cannot wait to share this one with the end of next week I promise!

2. Ellenbrook was hit by a big Thunderstorm on Monday, roads were blocked by fallen trees and there was lots of damage everywhere!  We live in Bullsbrook (about 20 mins north of here) but received hardly any storm at all!

3. Paid a visit to here with Lis - came out totally stuffed!

4. This baby was released on Wednesday, not actually available for a while here in Aus....I want one I would like one....that's it - that's all I'm going to say!

5. I have been crafting...look at the mess I have made....

We are heading into a long weekend here in Perth and we have a few things planned to enjoy our mini break.  I am thankful the humid weather has abated for a while - I don't do humid, like alot of people I have come across these past few weeks given their grumpy moods.  Hot and dry is ok so hopefully it will continue along with the happier dispositions!

Stay safe and see you next week!