Sunday, March 6, 2011

Photgraphing Flowers

Gemma bought me home some gorgeous lillies yesterday and today I thought I would photograph them using my trusty white polystyrene as a background.

So here's my process:

Window is situated behind me.

Polystyrene is on an angle to the window to eliminate as much shadow as possible appearing directly behind the flowers.

I was using my 24-105mm lens. (I could have used my 50mm lens here too but I wanted a more wide angle shot that I could crop down).

Then I played in Photoshop and cropped some of the photos to suit.  This next photo I have not altered at all except to increase the exposure level to get a nice crisp white background....perfect!

On another image I played with some textures and colour overlays.  Then I added some subtle brushes to another layer and ended up with this.

Nice isn't it? - very subtle and romantic like.

Then I combined a couple of different ones and came up with this....

Give it a go.....try using a white sheet if you don't have any polystyrene or a pale coloured wall.  Make sure you are between your light source and your subject to get the best results....but most of all just have fun!


suzitee said...

Some great tips there Sharon...who new polystyrene could be so useful?

Lissy said...

wow :) great photos :)

Anonymous said...

Terrific photos Sharon - you are amazing with the camera and with editing.