Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Heart Faces | Photo Contest | Best Face Photo of 2010

This week I Heart Faces are mixing it up a little with a contest - "The best face photo of 2010" - when entries close on Tuesday afternoon (USA time) then the voting begins, there is no judge for this competition - we get to vote for our favourite photos and the most votes wins.

When I read this I knew immediately which photo I wanted to enter - this one..............

Gemma - just before going on her Year 11 River Cruise.  Any time I capture her laughing (which is quite often!) it warms me up inside becuase I know I have captured "HER".

There are so many fabulous faces over at I Heart Faces - go check them out and they will be sure to make you smile today!


Lissy said...

absolutely superb :)

Drew said...

I love this! Looking at it makes me happy. :) I think what stands out about this photo is that it's a very real moment...not posed or contrived.