Friday, December 31, 2010

P365 - Idea

Whilst out shopping with my hubby last week, a 2011 Wall Planner was on my list of must gets.  I purchased one from Kikki-K and it now sits alongside my desk so I can see at a glance my availability as well as personal commitments throughout 2011.

Another thing I spotted in Kikki-K (I could spend hours in there but as I mentioned hubby was with me) was this 365 diary/journal for any year. 

Available in Black

 and Red

Then I got to thinking that it could be an option to record my Project 365 in a scrapbook form. Each page is blank with the day/number printed in the top corner. If a photograph needs explanation then you can add some text or if you have a ticket stubb then you can add that also, the possibilities are endless, imagine some transparencies added behind a photo!

I still haven't made up my mind how I want to display my end result but I'm seriously considering this option.


Binxcat1 said...

oooooooo I LIKEEEEE!!! Where is this kikki K you speak of????

Char said...

fantastic, love this idea too, thanks for sharing! I know there is one in garden city, I am not sure of anywhere else.x