Monday, November 1, 2010

Preview : Sharyn & Rick

As a photographer I am given permission to enter peoples lives to photograph special occasions. On this last Saturday I was truly privileged to witness and record the marriage of Sharyn & Rick in Woodanilling, a country town some 3 hours from Perth.  I was welcomed into this family with so much warmth and generosity and I truly enjoyed every minute of the day.  I know the families are eager to see some of the images from the wedding, so I have posted a very small preview of the days events here.  This is really a drop in the ocean of what is to come.  Enjoy!

Sharyn's mother Wendy was so so organised.  We all had running sheets as to where we needed to be and when.....EVERYTHING was thought of and the day went like clockwork. Truly an inspirational woman.
The pre-ceremony photos were taken at the parents' homestead where the bride grew up and the front hall was the most beautiful position to have photos full of natural light you just have to love that front door.
Sharyn was truly stunning and so very calm on the day even when we resorted to using a darning needle to find the loop on her train so that we could tie it up for her!  Well done Dad for thinking on his feet.
In the car and ready to head to the ceremony!
Finally Mr & Mrs!
So glad we walked down here for some last minute photos. 
Congratulations Sharyn & Rick!


Lissy said...

WOW! These are lovely :)

Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous Sharon! You have captured the moments perfectly and I do love the use of that lovely hallway! Look forward to seeing more when they are ready,
Ann S

Karen said...

Oh, you are soooo clever Sharon. Sharyn will be busrting with joy over these!

Gayle said...

I LOVE the one with her facing the door...amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Sharon, How can I thank you? The photos of my beautiful daughter, Sharyn, are just gorgeous. You truly have captured "the moment". Thank you.xx Wendy