Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas is fast approaching!

No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I'm still here, but I did have to stop and think of my blog password it's been that long.

Gemma has now commenced her week of exams and her dance concert also falls in the same week so next Sunday we can all let out a sigh of relief when it's all over and we can relax....oh I forgot she still have her Year 11 River Cruise and Awards Night to go but we are all sorted for them.

I have had some planned down time in the last week or so and just as well because I have come down with a rotten cold, always the way isn't it, when you slow down your body then tells you to slow down some more.  Thank goodness for Aloe Vera tissues because at the moment I look like Rudolph.

Speaking of which Christmas is fast approaching and even though I haven't yet heard of the cut off dates from my printing lab (I'll let you know as soon as I do) can I suggest if you are thinking of having prints done from your photoshoots for Christmas that you get them in as soon as possible so as to avoid the rush and possible disappointment of not having them in time.  If a canvas is on your wishlist you will need to allow even more time as there is a turn around time of approximately 10-14 working days.  So make sure you plan ahead!

It is with mixed emotions I look towards the end of this year and the anticipation that a new year brings.  On a personal note this year has been one of those years for our family, lots of challenges and changes and I will surely look forward to seeing then end of 2010.  These challeneges have taught me that family is the most important thing in life and also friends that take the time to listen without judgement.  Thank you!

However, from a business perspective I have had the most amazingly rewarding year photographing weddings, families, babies and friends and whilst things have moved in a positive direction they have moved at a controllable pace and I couldn't be happier about where things are at for Sharon Manning Photography.  I still have goals and aspirations to achieve and I know with patience and perserverance they will come.  So I look forward to 2011 with a calmness that I don't think I have ever had before in business and it feels good.  Very good.

Just thought I would share this link to an amazing photoshoot I saw this week - LOVE IT!
Kimbrali Photography


Tracey said...

Nice to hear you are here still and doing okay. Still loving the photography thing and can't thank you enough for such a great class.
Keep well.
love me :-)