Monday, November 22, 2010

Just $2 a month

My dear friend Lis Cassey is a wonderful caring person and has in the past held undie and toy drives for a Thailand charity called  Children of the Forest.  Lis has direct contact with the orphanage and often gets photos sent to her with the children and her donations.  Proof that what she is doing is making a difference to these children.

When the call comes that the children need something in particular, like soft toys for Christmas presents, Lis takes it upon herself to get the word out for people to donate....Lis does this for nothing but the satisfaction of knowing she is making a difference.  She bags up the donations and more often than not covers the cost of postage to Thailand herself.  As you can imagine this can add up when there are bulky and heavy items to send.  If you are a corporate company or just someone that would like to help out Lis with the cost of postage then please contact me or Lis it would be greatly appreciated!

Please check this out NOW!  Understand how little you can contribute to make a very big difference to these children and their everyday lives.  I have donated this morning, there might be one less Christmas present under our tree this Christmas but imagine the reality of one child having toothpaste and soap for a whole year!  Something I'm sure we all take for granted.


Lissy said...

Thanks so much for your support Sharon...each bit really does make a difference :)