Monday, October 25, 2010

Scrappin Outback : Wave Rock Retreat

I have just enjoyed a whole weekend off work and away from the Scrappin' Outback Wave Rock Retreat in Hyden.  Again Karen needs to be congratulated on an amazing weekend of prizes, classes, fun, laughter and most of all spending time with friends.

I am normally a tutor at this retreat teaching 2 classes (one layout and one off the page class) but this is the first time in the last 9 retreats that I have been a participant.  There to play and enjoy time out doing something that I love but have neglected in recent months due to being so busy with my Photography business.  Someone asked me yesterday if I preferred to teach or not, my response was quote "the jury is still out on that one".  It is still out, I get so much enjoyment from teaching and sharing my knowledge and skills with everyone but at the same time I can't tell you how nice it was just to be on the other side of the fence and get to play and learn from others.  It's like I've rediscovered what I love about the world of paper crafting.

Anyway enough about's just a few snaps taken at the last minute yesterday afternoon just before I left to come home.

The tutors this time were the amazing Lis Cassey, Gayle Smith, Karen Smith and Julie Van Oosten.  They all produced the best projects and we all appreciate the effort it takes to come up with these classes.  Thanks ladies!

I managed to complete 10 pages whilst at the retreat - some of them classes and some not.  When I get the chance to photograph them I might be back to share.

I just want to thank the policeman that pulled me over on the way home just out of Hyden (yes I was speeding, just a little) - RBT and a caution to use my cruise control on 110km/hr in future.....phew!

I have a heap of paper work and editing to do so I had best be off and get that done.

Have a great week everyone!


Karen said...

OMG Sharon! The photo of the retreat is amazing - love your work!Thanks for coming, glad you enjoyed yourself.

Lissy said...

Yes another great weekend but I DO NOT LIEK THAT POLICEMAN!

Tracey said...

love the photo's, wish I was there too.
love me :-)