Friday, October 8, 2010

Preview : M Family

On Wednesday I met this delightful family at the park for a photo session.  Big brother was one active little fella but I like a challenge!  Little brother just wanted to follow big brother around and generally do what boys do best....being mischievous.

So here is your sneak peek M family.....I hope you like what you see?

This is little brother and all he wanted to do was see how my lens opened and shut - so he got close, real close!

There are plenty more to choose from and I will be in touch once I have them all edited.

Have a great weekend everyone.....I have another shoot on Saturday so stay tuned for another preview early next week.


Gayle said...

Adorable boys! Love how you make eyes sparkle Sharon!

Lissy said...

Superb Sharon - I am sure the M family will be thrilled! What cuties those boys are!