Sunday, August 8, 2010


On Friday and Saturday I displayed at The Shops in Ellenbrook. Whilst is was a lot of hard work the two days were very successful and I had heaps of fun chatting to everyone that stopped - some were friends who were surprised to see me there and others were new friends that came to visit. Yes that's my own lounge furniture you can see and thanks must go to Steve and Renae for all their help, I couldn't have done it without you. And Lis also for helping me out on Friday so I could go do a shoot locally.

The baby picture to the right put a smile on many a passing face and this was truly a great feeling to think that a photograph of mine could make someone happy even if for an instant.

Some mothers tried to turn themselves inside out to avoid me, a couple even tripping over their husbands to get out my way......very entertaining - I blame this on the large corporate studios that provide a very different level of service to mine. But if you didn't want to talk to me to find out the differences - well that's ok! I still had fun.

Thank you to everyone for their support - it was very much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

What a great homely look, very professional, very Sharon and not at all scary corporate! Glad you had fun Sharon.
Ann S

Jenny said...

Oh look at you gorgeous girl :o) !!! I love the display, it's very classy! I know what you mean about those 'large' studios lol!! Angel get grabbed every time we walk around a shopping centre (it's cause of the kids I mean) but your set up looks totally different to those ones, very nice and welcoming!

Jenny said...

haha, me again! Just wondering, I was sure you had a 'grab me' button, I am finally finishing up my blog and wanted to put a link to your! Let me know if I am missing it ;)!!

Vicki said...

Great to hear that it went well on the weekend, and last night too!!! Enjoy your holiday!