Thursday, August 19, 2010


I'm home again with renewed vigour for just about everything. Where have I been? On a weeks break with my husband in Noosa and then a couple of days in Brisbane on business on the way home.

The first 16 hours I slept - I needed sleep - no one was going to disturb me from sleeping. On the second day I felt half human and each day from then on I felt better and better. We walked the beach in the evenings, dined out nearly every day, visited the Hinterland and lunched at the most beautiful Winery (Flame Hill Winery) and bascially enjoyed just chilling out.

I read 3 books and had plenty of time for thinking, something which I really need to find more time for now that I'm home. Processing stuff is good - I need to work on discarding information mentally and moving on to stuff that matters. Does anyone else do that? I'm working on a new schedule and time to think is on it, along with time to exercise - yep I walked 30 mins this morning - talk to me tomorrow and see how the legs are! Nah not really, it actually felt pretty good. This also helps clear the mind too - don't you hate it when the experts are right!

On Tuesday this week I attended a workshop with the amazing and very talented Sue Bryce. I was blown away with her talent and the way she does business. I have come home with my head spinning.....oh where do I start?

The Monday before I left we commenced the "Get your camera off auto" workshop at Tomorrow's Memories and what an awesome group of ladies you are, all 16 of you (yes all ladies, no men!). Thank you for your patience after my rather nervous start, I promise I will remember to breathe next time. I look forward to seeing you all again at Lesson 2 next Monday night.....have you done your homework?

Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Yes we have been doing our homework ........ and the course has been great ...... You rock and im sooo glad you rested and relaxed ........ to take us to the next level and beyond xxx simone bristow

Lissy said...

I am SO jealous! :) Glad you had a fabulous time!