Thursday, February 25, 2010

Camera Bag Review : Kelly Moore Bag

Image source : Kelly Moore Bags
I found these bags online this morning and Kelly also ships to Australia. They are practical, functional but best of all stylish! Go check them out - Kelly has been having lots of giveaways on her site too, so you never know your luck! Can you tell I'd like one? Which colour would you choose?


Mistra Hoolahan said...

Oh My! Goodess! Yes... delish. My poor SLR runs around in my handbag with me as I hate dragging 2 bags around, these are gorgeous... and of course I'd HAVE to choose the pink one!

Mis xo

Gayle said...

Yep...I would choose pink too :) The Jade is quite noce too..and the brown..and the black :D Think you would just have to have several to suit all outfits you owned ;)