Thursday, January 21, 2010

Photo Session: Ava 12th Jan 10

***Edited Fri 22nd Jan 2010***
Please read Lis' blog here and if you can help Ava, then I'm sure she and her family would be most appreciative. Ava is one special little girl and she has been in my thoughts every day this week. Sharon xoxo

I had the privilege of photographing Ava and her gorgeous family last week. Thank you Ava for touching my heart.

It has been a busy start to 2010. I will be back before the week is out with some creativeness, I promise.


Lissy said...

She is a delighful little scamp isn't she!

We are fundraising for the Australian Tuberous Sclerosis Society for medical trial for a topical cream to help treat facial growths...if any one want to donate let me know! Or go to their website!