Monday, February 15, 2010

Too much

Too much has happened in the last month to record it in detail so bullet form it is:

  • Steve has been to Karratha again for work
  • My brother Peter stayed with us whilst he got our new Drill Rig up and running - without him this would not have happened
  • I tried to burn 3 fingers off by taking Glad Wrap off a chicken dish straight out of the microwave - I was rushing, not thinking, dinner was running late and I managed to peel off about 3 layers of skin. Not pretty
  • Renae has been working at a Geotechnical firm in Wembley - I have been driving her there - 2 hour round trip twice a day, not every day thank goodness
  • Had a quiet Austalia Day - a swim at the beach and fish and chips at the pub in Mindarie.
  • Dance enrolments for 2010 - classes start tonight - 3 nights a week, 4 disciplines, 3 competition classes on Saturdays - Gemma (not me!)
  • Started the Jessica Sprague Tablet Course - I have had a tablet for some time but now I'm learning how to use it!
  • Gemma started Year 11 and seems to be coping ok with the homework so far
  • Had lunch with 2 very good friends (this was good for the soul! - much needed!)
  • Attended a weekend seminar on Photography called Light Fantastic - I came home from this very inspired with heaps of ideas and lots more to learn about
  • Renae passed her Drivers Licence WOO HOO!
  • My hubby surprised me with a dozen red roses on Valentines Day
  • Crocheted another Cotton Dischloth
  • Baked a yummy cake from my Donna Hay Seasons cookbook
  • Placing print orders for clients
  • Meeting with a Bride and Groom to be - lovely couple - can't wait to photograph their wedding on 6th March
  • EDITED Tue 16th Feb......Lis her Mum, Evangeline and Morgane came for a visit (Sorry Lis, how could I have forgotten this!!!!!!!!!!!)

I'm sure there is more but I can't remember right at the moment cause I need to think about what is coming up!


Karen from Scrappin' Outback has invited me once again to teach classes at her Hyden Scrapbooking retreat to be held on 26th - 28th March and I am working madly on getting my projects finalised, so stay tuned for those. Lis already has hers done and you can see sneak peeks here. If you are interested in attending this fantastic retreat then please get in touch with Karen - you won't be disappointed.


The big news is that I will be visiting Hyden again from 12th -16th April and will be available for Family Photo Sessions. There will be one session in the morning and one in the afternoon and I have scheduled this time during the school holidays to accommodate those families with children home from Boarding School for the break. So if you are interested in finding out some more or would like to make a booking, please email me. First come first served.


If you are reading this and live in a country area but just can't get to Perth with the whole family to have a Photo Session done, then please contact me to discuss arranging times for me to come to you. I know your time is precious and preserving family memories are important so a Photo Session at "your place" might be the answer.


I feel like this year so far has been steam rolling me, so it's time to take back control and visit here a little more often. I'm not making any promises because I'm tired of breaking them (totally against the grain for me), but hopefully, hopefully I can bring you something new each week for inspiration.

Have a great week everyone.


Gayle said...

Great to hear what you've been up to Sharon. Life does get a little too busy sometimes doesn't it. I am trying to cut back at the moment. Looking forward to seeing your classes...quite sad I can't make it this time...hopefully I can still do the classes though.
Have a wonderful week

Lissy said...

yay she forgot to add that I graced your home with my

Kris said...

Wow you have been busy!!.. I check your blog most days and thought you had been busy, as there was not much to