Saturday, January 9, 2010


Well I finally have something to show you!

My office transformation has been a long one - any renovation takes 3 times as long than you think doesn't it?

Ok let's back up a little.......I have wanted to do a makeover to my office for some time now and well what better time than Christmas....not! While we were on holidays in Bali we (I really...Steve just rolled his eyes every time I mentioned something) discussed what I wanted to do and the biggest change/job was the flooring. The original carpet was getting rather tatty with double sided tape embedded into the pile never to be separated again. A timber floor was the solution! So the reno began.

First came removing the copious amounts of "stuff" from the room, I never knew I had that much stuff. My big ikea shelf would not swing out of the room so it had to be simply shuffled across the hallway and into the girls' bathroom (lucky it's big enough to fit...just).

Painting.....both the girls pitched in with this hideous job and did nearly all of the hard yakka, I came in at the end and "straightened" up a little.

Just cheking out what some new picture frames will look like.....oh and here is that awful carpet before we pulled it out (on Christmas Eve!).

Prepping the floor for the new timber flooring to go my washing hanging on the verandah in the background?

Floor goes down on Boxing Day just before 18 guests arrive!

Skirting boards go back on. Look at that gorgeous floor!

Off to Ikea (with Steve - his first ever time to the new store!) New desk, work bench and filing drawers. These were my Christmas present (for the next ten years). I spent a long time prior to going to the store planning what I wanted and the way I wanted my room to be. At about 11.06 that evening with Renae and Gemma's help we had 85% built and in place. I did however have to retire hurt after cutting my toe quite badly on the drawer runners. The rest was finished off the next day by Steve and Renae and when Gemma and I returned home in the afternoon - I had furniture! Then the arduous task of sorting through everything and putting it back in the room.

OK Fast forward to new year.....I got sick....spent several days this week in the Doctors and having tests done - still no absolute answers but I'm feeling much better and don't feel like having a lay down every 5 minutes. So back to "re-stocking" my office. Today it's done and here it is.....almost finished!

New work bench with 12 drawers!

New set of drawers to hold business papers close at hand. My diary and everyday needy stuff is stored on top of here.

New desk - with drawers! I only had trestle tables before so everything lived on top of the desk.

My computer now lives in the cupboard of the desk.

My existing bookshelf all neat and tidy again.

Some new bits on my desk - feel good stuff.

My man on the wall - I ordered this canvas before Christmas (another pressie to myself), these are such a great idea and the quality is just the best. You may recall I took this photo in Bali and I have another 2 or 3 I'd like to get done too, perhaps a super large one for our bedroom wall so stay tuned.

And just a couple more close ups.

I love it! So so so very happy with the final result and now all I want to do is stay in here and enjoy it. If you want to know more info about anything I have used then just ask away in the comments. I couldn't have done this without the help from Steve, Renae and Gemma - Thank you for letting me destroy the house for a couple of weeks!


Anonymous said...

I am packing to come and move in ;o)

Rachie xx

Anonymous said...

simply stunning Sharon, beautiful vibe and feel, clean and inspiring work place, I'm moving in too!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it Sharon, what a great place to relax and create. Love the colours.
Cheers, Ann S

Analog designer said...

Wow awesome sharon... Its a great place. Peaceful colors. I loved it.

Lissy said...

WOW WOW WOW!! I am jealous! It looks amazing!

Gayle said...

Think you need to send those photos into the magazines to do a feature!! Love the colours and all your cool furniture! Yummmm

Kris said...

Loving your new office!! So we know where to look for you if we can't find you!!

Vicki said...

Looks fantastic Sharon. Great job done by all of you! Vicki

Gigga said...

Hi Sharon
I love,love,love it all.... I am so jealous. I would love to know the name of the colour on the wall please... it is just gorgeous...

Audrey said...

Sssoooooo jealous, looks beautiful. Love it,,,want it ;0)

Judy said...

Looks so so amazing and u know i love that wall colour.

Jenny said...

What a gorgeous worskpace Sharon! You are very lucky!! The floors are amazing! May I ask, did you get the table with the twelve drawers at Ikea?? And the roundish desktop caddy?? I have to say, it is so nice to see a beautiful room and know that everything in it (I hope!) came from Perth - I am always drooling over everyone's studio's knowing I can never find any of it here! also who do you get your Canvas' done through?? ... hope you don't mind all the questions !