Friday, August 14, 2009

Sneak Peeks for J&D

Well yesterday's shoot proved to be a success all round - can I just say that after all of my shoots the best part for me is opening up the images for the first time and confirming I have captured what I set out to. This one was no exception, in fact I can honestly say that I was overcome with excitement when I had my first glance at these photos yesterday. J is known to be a bit of a quick witted party girl with a large personality but get her one on one and her serious or serene side comes out. She was a joy to photograph and did everything I asked of her. Thank you J for allowing me into your wonderful home and your "personal" side. Here are just some of my favourites. J's eyes are not "brightened" at all in these photos - natural light and position meant they just lit up.
Hyden sessions are starting to fill up so if you are interested in confirming a time then please contact me via email.


Kris said...

These photos are stunning.. I love the first one!

Lissy said...

Gee they will be wrapped :)