Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have felt very lost lately, creatively, mentally, physically, on all levels. I’m in that space where I can’t seem to gain enough time for me, we are always doing stuff for others. Not anyone’s fault just the way life goes really. Caring for my family of course is something that goes without saying. Its part of being a parent and doing what we have committed to do.

I’m talking about the time for me. This has usually been in the form of one craft or another over the years and in most recent times it has been either photography or paper crafting of some sort with a little sewing thrown in there somewhere for good measure. I guess it always comes back to that magical word “balance”. How do we balance our lives and make sure that we get some mental space away from the everyday of living each day, week or year. Balance family, friends, us, me. In the course of a normal week I do have time to myself but the inspiration to do something, anything, just doesn’t seem to be there at the moment and when it does I get interrupted and can’t finish what I started or time just simply runs out.

Satisfaction from what I “choose” to do is definitely lacking. It seems to be more about the process of letting go rather than the end result which I have more than often just thrown in the bin, because I think to myself “yuk, where did that come from?” So I ask myself “does all my artwork need to be appealing or can it just be the way it is?” Was that 2 or 3 hours I just spent a waste of time. That famous quote comes to mind “it’s about the journey, not the destination” (I won’t quote Miley Cyrus otherwise that stupid song will be stuck in my head for another day or two).

Well a lot of my destinations are not even worth posting about here so that’s why there are a lot of words today – no pictures – no creations – nothing!

However I do feel better about venting….if you read this far – Thank You!

Hopefully regular programming will resume shortly.


Gayle said...

Oh Sharon...hopefully you can start to feel that balance and peace soon.
Looking forward to catching up soon again :)

Lissy said...

it is a struggle isnt it...we tend to come last in the scheme of things! I just create anyway and if it isnt great or perfect I just put it in the pile to keep and move on...we cannot be pleased with everything we do as sometimes it just doesn't turn out how we plan...come and have coffee with me again :)