Thursday, August 13, 2009

I've been working hard

I have been working hard I promise.....I'm not sure that I can share everything just yet but very soon I hope.

I've been working on some photographic prints for my kitchen walls, here's the first one I can show you....some flowering cauliflower - played with some actions and added some texture and subtle text.

I'm doing my very first pregnancy photoshoot today which I am very excited about - a good friend of ours is expecting her 3rd child in a couple of months so perfect timing. I'll be back tomorrow to share some sneak peeks.
I started another pair of socks for Renae - I finished Gemma's ages ago but I can't for the life of me find them in her room to photograph.

One of my favourite treats at the moment is a Muzz Buzz Latte Grande - Having a Muzz Buzz at the bottom of our hill is dangerous for me.....any excuse "I'm just popping down to get the mail" seems to be a daily occurence! But then again aren't you supposed to check the mail every day?

Renae passed her driving test yesterday so now embarks on stage 2 of achieving her driver's licence......6 months of recording her 25 hours and then she can sit the final computer test. I can't wait! She only has 8 weeks til she finishes school and in about 11 weeks she will have finished exams - I remember that feeling like it was only yesterday - freedom! Then the real world came crashing down and a new chapter in my life began. Good times!

Gemma is in the process of making her subject selections for Years 11 and 12 so now we start all over again! She knows exactly what she wants to do so at least that makes it easy but also makes it difficult in a way.

OK I'm outta here.....thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment - I like reading them.


Lissy said...

all busy busy busy at your place I see...great pics...hope photo shoot went well :)

Kris said...

I am with you... Of course you need to check the mail everyday, especially in this weather, incase it gets wet..ha ha ha!! (enjoy your little coffee indulgences, that's what life is all about..)