Monday, February 23, 2009

I've been here

I have spent the last few days visiting my Brother and his Wife in Roebourne (about 1500kms north of Perth on the central Pilbara coast). It was great just to chill and catch up. They both work so hard at their jobs with long hours and little time for rest and relaxation. The day before my arrival it rained alot, something like 200mm in just over a day. So yesterday before my flight home in the evening, we went for a drive out to Harding Dam and on to see the river flowing. Here are some images from the drive.

This is only part of the Harding Dam - just stunning scenery from half way up a hill like the one you can see in this next photo.

This is where the end of the road was for us - the river being a little too deep to cross but great to cool off in.

Another part of the river on the way back.

and the flight home!

Thanks for putting up with me P&S I had a lovely stay!


Lissy said...

Fabulous :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic pics!Hope all is well!x