Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Softwrap Inspiration

I thought I would share with you an example I've been working on using one of my Softwraps. A Journal that prompts and inspires me to record some of my thoughts and day to day life (Just one use for my Softwrap covers.....there are plenty of others). Alot of these pages are pretty self explanatory, but if you want to know specifics then leave a comment and I will answer your question.

To the front of the album I have added a felt flower from Creative Cafe using some Therm o Web Heatnbond. This is usually used for applique work and can be purchased at a Quilting supplier or Spotlight. Over the felt flower I have sewn a decorative button also from Spotlight.

To the inside front pocket I have added a small notebook and because I have included black and white pages in my journal I have included both a white gel pen and a regular pen.

Cover - Let it be known I am in love with the Basic Grey Dark Chocolate Alpha Chip Stickers. I've used Beckham font here but they are available in other fonts too. They are the perfect size to get a lengthy title out of and just fit everything I seem to be doing lately - YUM!
I've tried to mix the page sizes up just a little and have used different shaped edges like the scalloped Bazzill here.

I have used a few different transparencies too (this one from Hambly inspired the 3rd colour for this album). BUT the best thing about this page is the Scrapworks "Exposed" Elements Vinyl Appliques - these are awesome! Lis put me onto them the other day - Thanks Lis. They were made for applying to their Acrylic albums but work just as well on transparencies......Perfect! They are available in letters, numbers, shapes and words.
Journal tag spot thingys from Elle's Studio.

I've used a larger Jenni Bowlin Journal Card here.

I thought I might like to add in a favourite family recipe here.

A favourite photo here maybe?

I purchased some 5" x 8" index cards from Officeworks the other day and they will work perfectly for a more detailed journaling page.

Another Jenni Bowlin Journal Card and a Collections chipboard branch spray painted black.
There is still plenty of room for some more pages and if it does get full I can always up-size the hinged rings to accommodate some more.
This sample will be on display at Tomorrow's Memories here in Perth, who have agreed to stock my Softwraps so if you would like to have a touch and feel you can pop into their shop. They are also available in my Etsy Shop.
Hopefully I have inspired you some!
Have a great week.


Gayle said...

WOW Sharon! Your soft wrap looks amazing! Hope your sales go well!

Lissy said...

Stunning :) Love it :)

Mistra Hoolahan said...

Gorgeous Sharon... can you come fill mine for me now please! LOL!!!

Jenny said...

You know the fabric you have done yours in ????? Do you have another one with this fabric? If so can you email my please, so I can buy it ? Thanks honey pie xxx
Luv Jen

vivian said...

these are so cool sharon!! sure your etsy shop will go crazy! stunning, and a great idea :)