Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where have I been???

I've been doing lots! Really! I am on page 30 of a 35 page wedding album I have been commissioned to do. Here's a sneak peak.....
This paper is amazing, it's covered in small clear crystal beads - stunning! When it's finished I will post a link to the entire album and you can go take a look see. I think my record was yesterday, I did 9 layouts in one day - no interruptions at all, just powered through the day and it felt good.

I've also been editing photos from my Playgroup photoshoot the other week. All proofs have been sent out to the Mum's from the other week so I can share some of those here too.

Gemma has her tap exam tomorrow morning so it's costume and make-up first thing and then off to the exam and then on to school - I know I'm a mean Mum making her go to school but if she misses even a small amount she still has to catch up!
Renae left on her year 11 camp today for 3 days, I didn't have to lift a finger to pack, she did it all herself, except for taking up a pair of tracksuit pants. I am going to miss her though - won't be the same without her around.
My good friend Cathy and her husband leave for Phuket on Thursday night - a birthday present to Cathy for her 40th Birthday. Happy Birthday sweet lady! Have a fantastic holiday and remember don't get that swimsuit wet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Judy's workshop plans are falling in to place - we still have room for a couple more so if you would like to join us then visit here for all the details!
I'm sure there is heaps more to tell you all but I just can't think at the moment. I need to finish this wedding album and then I shall be back with a more detailed post.
Take care everyone and have a great week!


Gayle Smith said...

Wow Sharon...great layout and photos. Looking forward to seeing the album finished. The bride is blessed to have you scrapping her wedding photos!

Lissy said...

so that is why you have been so quiet...lol...looks great :)

Rach said...

The album look wonderful Sharon.
9 layouts in one day is amazing!

Jenny said...

wow 9 Layouts in one day !!! - and your layouts are stunning so 9 wonderful pages in one day

The playgroup photos are so georgeous - I lurve em, the mums will be so very happy.

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the wedding album\

Luv Jen