Thursday, July 31, 2008

Believe and you shall succeed!

Most of my friends (and hubsand) know that I'm just not an in your face saleswoman, I don't blow my own trumpet (so to speak), tell the whole world etc etc, gosh even when we had our own business that was Steve's job - but when we decided to put together a workshop with Judy here in Perth I knew that I was going to have to come out of my "dark room" and sell this sucker. I've worked pretty hard in the last few weeks and I am so unbeliveably excited to announce that

the Workshop is going ahead!

We have minimum numbers! There are still some places available so if you are sitting on the fence and are thinking about coming along, then you had better make your mind up quick! I can't tell you enough good stuff about Judy and the project she has come up with exclusively for us. It is amazing and she is amazing. I'm fortunate enough to be doing the workshop myself and Steve will be "gopher" for the 2 days. So if you are coming along please be kind to him won't you!

Another passion of mine is my photography! This has become such a busy part of my business in recent months and will be in the future too as I have a couple of weddings and at least 4 photoshoots booked. From the wedding I shot in April I have a scrapbook album to do too, so things are starting to "cross over". Last Friday I photographed a Mum's playgroup in Armadale (a friend of a friend) and I just wanted to share one very special photo from the day.

Isn't she divine! There were 5 other children I photographed too and once I have got through the mountain of editing I have to do I will share some more. But can I just tell you that I could not walk for 2 days after this photoshoot as I was doing full squats (so I could be at the kids eye level) and my thigh muscles were killing me - a very funny sight to see me walk down stairs - indeed! When I look at the photo above it was worth all the pain.

Sunday was spent at Scrap-IT! at the Sheraton, what a great day. Auctions, $2 prize draws for some amazing products too, main raffle (which I really wanted to win but didn't!), make and takes from Tomorrow's Memories and Scraptivate and heaps of other fun too. All for a great cause, to raise funds for reasearch into Alzheimers. The committee were amazing and of course my dear friend Vicki (from Tomorrow's Memories) was part of the team to make the day so successful to the tune of more than $37,000 - truly amazing! And I managed to scrap too! 2 layouts which I will share once I have decided on the titles for one and finished the other one off.

The last few days I have been madly trying to get my GST/BAS finalised for the accountant - I think this will be the first time I have ever gotten it in before the due date - very proud of myself. So today I am having a me day, I'm heading to Ikea to check out some frames like these ones so I can create one exactly the same - using my photos of course. This is thanks to Lis by the way - she emailed the link the other day and when I saw it I just had to have one myself! I have chosen and edited 8 photos so far, I just need to select one more. Alli (check out her new banner - very cool!) has put me onto these guys to get the photos printed which will probably take a while but I'll post a photo when it's all done.

Enough jibbering from me....catch you next time.


Lissy said...

that is a sensational photo Sharon...gee do you think I will get my act together and get my photos done and framed

Char said...

What a truly gorgeous photo, The parents must absolutely love it.
I too felt the urge to go to Ikea this week, it was calling me!Lol
Everything seems to be going really well for you at the moment, I am really happy for you!
Charlene x

Jenny said...

OMG - that is great news that your class is going ahead, good on you xxx

What an amazing photo (those women that didnt turn up - they are going to be spewing !!!)

Ha ha ha - like the msg you left on my blog - Yeah might have to get some more done I think!

I am still doing an album for myself - then I will prob finish scrapping them !!

Luv Jen xxx

Jenny said...

Have you given the ladies their photos of the kids shoot yet sharon?

What were their reactions???