Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Layouts, Wedding, Costume

This past week has been a bit busy to say the least. I managed to sort out my Photoshop issues - but not sure how because it just started working again on it's own - maybe it just needed a rest!
So here are some layouts to share that I completed at Hyden.....

On Sunday I was fortunate enough to photograph a wedding. A friend of a friend was getting married and agreed I could come along as a 2nd photographer so that I could gain some experience photographing Weddings! I was very conscious of stepping on the photographers toes so I stayed in the background and shot from behind which wasn't ideal but hey I got to learn heaps and feel much more confident now that perhaps I could do a wedding myself!

Anyway here is one of my favourites....I'm sure the bride won't mind me posting just one.

The other main thing I have been working on is a Dance Costume for Gemma for her solo competitions during the school holidays......lots of yummy purple velvet and silver beading and sequining. Here's a sneak look at the bottom of her sleeve, now I have some more to do on the front of the costume and it should be finished.
There are not enough hours in the day at the moment and everyone in this house is looking forward to the school holidays and some sleep-ins. I know I am.
Stay safe everyone!


Jenny said...

you could do a wedding no worries honey pie xxx

Ooooohhhh look at all the bling, very very nice, gee Gemma has done a really good job on her costume LOL - where would she be without you????

See you in a few weeks
Luv Jen xxx

Lissy said...

All sounds busy! Great layouts :)

Tracey Bower said...

Hi Sharon,
Great layouts, love the purple velvet and bling too. Hope we get to see it finished. School holidays, so can't wait for them. 10 weeks has gone fast but it has been a long haul all the same IYKWIM. LOL. Take care, Trace.

Megan P said...

What an amazing photograph of the bride Sharon. I think you are ready well and truly to take prime position