Sunday, April 27, 2008

Time Out........again!

Well the last few weeks have been rather busy for me, that's why I haven't been around much, well at all really! To fill you in....

Gemma danced well but didn't place in her Competition - She was very nervous and had really only just learnt the routine so in my opinion I think she did really well! Thank goodness the costume stayed together.

My Scrappy Sunday last weekend was a huge success once again thanks to all the ladies that attended. We had a couple of birthdays to celebrate on the day - one for Jen and one for Mistra - Thanks again Mistra for bringing along a yummy cake. I wasn't overly well on the day and was very grateful for Mistra's contribution!

Instead of a Scrappy Sunday next time I will be running a project workshop with free time to scrap in the afternoon. Details will be released in the coming week or so and I will be taking registrations via my messageboard on my website.

Next Saturday 3rd May I will be doing a Make and Take at Tomorrow's Memories as part of their birthday celebrations - If you would like to attend then give them a bell and book a seat - I think there are only a couple of spots left so you will have to be quick!

The school holidays are nearly over for another term and I am really looking forward to getting some "creativeness" flowing again and getting out my camera some more. I seem to be in a perpetual state of starting projects and not finding the time to finish them. My dining room table is currently covered with our family photos and I have been trying to sort them into some sort of order since reading Stacey Julians' book "Photo Freedom", heck I even bought all the bits and bobs to file them into! But do you think I can find the motivation to finish this mamoth task? I'm just going to have to I know.....but.....ok no more buts, I will finish it by Friday....I hope.

So what do I do with my blogs like this one.....I can't wait til the next chapter.....and make new blog you like?

Anyway I think it's time for coffee and a cuddle with my hubby on the couch....what better way to spend Sunday afternoon.


Alli said...

sounds like you had busy holidays!

let me know how you go with the photo sorting, I'm thinking of getting that book too

Gayle Smith said...

Hey Sharon! Love your new banner...very cool!