Friday, December 14, 2007


Well, Sunday was spent on the couch in front of TV and sleeping....Monday I woke with a very sore throat, like I was swallowing razor! Monday night we went to Renae's awards night at the Belvoir function centre which was great - Renae was asked to take the photographs for the school for the evening which was a fantastic honour and she loved every bit of it.

The next few days were spent not doing very much at all....the house is a mess and I think I have 2 baskets of ironing to catch up on. I guess it was just my body saying you did too much the week before Sharon and this is your punishment.....thanks!

I made this on Wednesday......

You can find the recipe here, but I have substituted the cherries with Raspberry lollies - it is very rich and you only need a very thin slice served with ice cream but it is very very yummy!

Did anyone see the TV Mini-Series Long Way Round a few years ago when Ewan Macgregor and Charley Boorman rode motorbikes from London to New York? I loved the series and now they have done it again but have ridden from Scotland to Cape Town through some amazing countries and seen such diverse cultures along the way. I bought the book last week (something in my subconcious saying you are going to need a book to read in the next week or so because you are not going to be capable of doing much else). I can't put it down, it puts such a more personal perspective on the journey and I can't wait to see the visual account of their trip now - the DVD is out but I will probably wait til it appears on pay TV again.
Tomorrow we have a Christmas function at Oakover winery for one of the companies Steve works for which we are looking forward to. We have seen so little of each other in the last few weeks so some time out on our own will be lovely.
I have done very little creating lately although the photoshoot I did the other week was a huge success and I have two mini albums to put together and prints to get done ready for framing too. I will be uploading some more of the photos to my Photography gallery at so you can check them out over there if you like.
Congratulations to Lis, Ben and Evangeline on the birth of their precious little daughter and I'm sure Lis will be back soon to fill you all in on the rest of the details. I can't wait for a cuddle when I'm feeling better!


Hannah said...

Sorry to hear about your sore throat - hope you feel better now.

Mmmm that slice looks YUMMY!!

Tracey Bower said...

Hi Sharon,
Hope you are feeling better soon, I think these bugs drop in to tell us to slow down but that is a bit hard when we have schedules like we do. Enjoy your book and that slice looks yummo.
Take care

Jenny said...

You poor thing, sounds like you had a week like mine LOL! The slice looks so yum! Will have to indulge I think. We are off now to get Michaels cast put on! Yay just how I want to spend my Sunday LOL... Have a great week this week anyway Luv Jen xxx

Megan said...

Hey Sharon,

I am sorry to hear you have been unwell :-(

I am a fan of those two lovable rougues too...Ewan is so hot and Charley is such a ratbag! Well worth watching them on the tele!!

Megan xx

Melissa Goodsell said...

The Long way round was awesome and we bought the Long Way Down Dvd last week and I loved it too, although I really would have liked more episodes as I thought it was a bit rushed compared to the first one. I just picked up the book for part of my husband's Chrissie present too.
Oh and that yummy chockie slice looks delicious!

Cath said...

Sorry to read you have been unwell I hope your feeling better now Sharron. I will have to try that fridge yummy does that look!!
Cath xx

Lissy said...

Not good you are not feeling 100% but hope you are on the mend!

Morganne will be ready and waiting for a cuddle!!