Saturday, December 8, 2007


Yes this week is nearly over thank goodness, here’s where I’ve been in bullet form:

  • Wednesday – Renae’s boyfriend stayed here the night – in the office with the door locked from the outside (just kidding!).

  • Thursday – Took kids to school and Gemma had her awards in the afternoon and she danced her solo routine and did a fabulous job – she was soooooo nervous doing it in front of her friends. Gemma also received an Endeavour award for Media Studies – YAY well done darlin! Why is it so hard to get good photos at School assemblies?????
    In the evening was Gemma’s Full Dress Rehearsal for Dance concert – went smoothly. Got in about 10.15pm after an hours drive home.

  • Friday – Gemma had Kalamunda Water Slides for the day. Renae’s boyfriend was leaving for Melbourne with his family (he will be back at the start of the 2008 school year). So off to get luggage to the airport and see them off at 6.00pm….a few tears were shed. Steve home from a few days away at work – thank goodness. Gemma had last Acro class last night.

  • Saturday – Steve has gone off to work for the day – Renae’s work rang and cancelled her shift today – apparently Woollies are cutting back on staff’s hours due to the little turnover they have been doing lately – yeah right!!!!!!!
    Off to Dance Concert about 11.00am – Matinee and Evening performance – should be home about 11.00pm.

  • Sunday – sleeping!!!!!!!!!!!!! All Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In between and when I have been at home I have managed to finish another 2 bags as Chrissy gifts - can't show you though because they read my blog. One of them I want to keep myself I like it so much. Isn't that always the way?

Lis is having a give away on her blog – she has made an awesome Christmas stocking and you can win it if you guess the exact day and time she will have her baby girl! Lis is three days overdue now so head on over and take a guess! I do hope she comes soon for you Lis.

I know I have been neglecting my Messageboard over at but I promise I will be back posting by Monday or Tuesday. I have some exciting things planned for the New Year which need some attention now (well last week really!!!) so once I get all this “stuff” out the way I will be back. Oh and the 12x12 Acrylic Frames are now back in stock (well they will be when I can get to the manufacturer to pick them up - but they are made!).

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and catch you next week!


Lissy said...

Boy I am just tired reading all that!!

And yes hope this baby appears soon!

Off for a nap!

Cath said...
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Cath said...

Sounds like you have had a very busy week. Lucky you I love Dance concerts. Enjoy your Sunday Sharon you've earnt it.

Tracey Bower said...

Hi Sharon,
Glad you are getting to cross many things off that busy list, your Daughter looks amazing in her dance costume above. Hope you have had the chance to enjoy a Sunday kick back and relax and how on earth are you still managing to create with that schedule????
Take care and have a great week

Jenny said...

OMG and I thought I have been busy LOL!!! I can hardly wait until Christmas week - It means I can have some relaxing time off with the ferals (ooppps sorry the Boys!) - On Caths blog - they are my eagles footy boot slippers I LUV EM xxx Talk to you soon.... Luv Jen xxx