Thursday, October 4, 2007

Royal Show

We joined the masses and braved the chill to take the kids to the Royal Show last night. We don't go every year but this year was one that we had to go (according to the girls!). Renae took Lachlan and Gemma took Emily which was great as they both had a friend to enjoy it with. I on the other hand had fun playing with the settings on my camera so here are a couple from the night.....

Gemma before riding the "Super Nova"....looking oh so confident!

Gemma whilst riding the "Super Nova".....screaming her lungs out!!!!!!!!!!

And After riding the "Super Nova"......well a picture says a thousand words!

When we got home I went to download my photos and had heart failure! It asked me to format my CF card........panic stricken, I went to bed very angry. This morning with a clear mind I searched around the net for a program to recover my precious photos. Thank goodness I found one, downloaded it and recovered 90% of them. Some were all funny colours and looked like 3 photos in one. Has this happened to anyone before? and do you know the cause of it so I can avoid it happening again in the future? Any assistance would be appreciated ;-)
Early start today, up at 6am as Gemma performed in her Star Wars Acrobatic Troupe at the West Coast Spring Dance Competition. They were the only troupe in their category but still performed as they had to score a minimum number of points to they did. A bit of an anti-climax, but their Teacher was very happy! Gemma has another Acrobatic Troupe on Saturday night in the open section which is a little more competitive......looking forward to seeing the finals on the night too.
I'll be back tomorrow with some sewing pictures.
Oh and it's your last chance to send me a Tip or Technique for my website and be in the draw to win a Fiskars Drill! See previous post.
Thanks for checking in!


Lissy said...

no that hasn't happened to me and i sure hope it doesn't...but will call you if it