Sunday, September 30, 2007

Holidays are here!

The girls finished school on Thursday so on Friday we spent the day at home and the girls had a big sleep in, something they were really looking forward to.

I got some sewing done and made this Collapsible Bucket found at a great site called Instructables. I hope to put it to good use in my studio.

I took some photos the other day of my studio which against my better judgement will share with you here. I like my space to be neat and tidy, but lately when not working on something, my space tends to become a dumping ground for everything and sundry. So here is my studio in kind of a mess (well a mess for me anyway).

My mission these holidays should I find the time to accept it! Is to do a really big clean out and sort through. Another reason for this is I have decided to take a stall at the Subiaco Craft and Community Fair, a friend of ours runs it and I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to "expose" myself to the greater public and sell some kits etc. You can find out more from my website I have added it to the Announcements so if you are local come along and say Hi!

Yesterday was AFL Grand Final Day which ended up being a white wash to Geelong - quite sad really becuase I think alot of other teams would have given Geelong a run for their money had they been given the chance! Anyway Gemma and I decided to get a start on "Mad Mozzie" from Melly & Me. This is the first pattern I have done of theirs and I am very impressed. Gemma is only 13 but can operate a sewing machine very well and accomplished this with ease (and a little bit of help from Mum!).

Cute isn't he! Actually I was searching for him a little while ago so I could take a photo and found him in bed with Gemma so it must have been a hit! I can't wait to do "Mrs Perkins" with Renae now....I might even do one myself.

The girls did some gardening on Friday too (to impress Dad I think so he would take them to the Royal Show) and they came across this little fella!
OK off to clean the house we have 20 odd people coming tomorrow for a BBQ (It's a long weekend here!)

See Ya!


Lissy said...

Love the Mad Mozzie and the basket!

Blimey you must look at my studio in horor!

Megan said...

Hello Sharon,

You know what? Messy or otherwise, I'd love to have a studio! So I'm envious of your space, regardless of it's appearance!

And that collapsible bucket is most appealing too....beautiful colours.

I hope you have a great week,
Megan xx