Thursday, August 23, 2007

Once a week?

I only seem to be able to update my blog once a week at the moment, which is pretty sad.

This past week has been very productive and I have some pretty exciting things on the horizon.
I finished off the album I was working on and delivered it to the client yesterday....thank goodness he was happy with it. I always worry when I hand an album over, if the client is going to like it or not. Thankfully no-one has not liked one yet - but it doesn't stop me from worrying.
Yesterday I made a "mini-list" and it read....Card for brother's birthday, page in my Art Journal and Hackey Sack for Renae. Guess What? I achieved all 3 of those things. 2 of which I can show you because my Brother's card will have to wait in case he reads my blog which he has been known do on an occasion.

The Hackey Sack turned out just the way I wanted it to, except I don't think it is going to be heavy enough. I used those plastic doll/toy beads, I might have to find an alternative.
My Art Journal page is something for me - I used 3 spray paints for the background (Gold metallic, Red and Black). I have been experimenting with some brushes in Photoshop and printed the Cathedral windows and text over the top, stamped the flourish and words using brown Stazon, which over the gold gave it a very transparent feel (not solid brown at all).....just the feel I was looking for. It's not meant to be a religious piece even though it turned out that way to look at it......let's just say it has a double meaning to me!
Today I was going to treat myself to a trip into the city as Steve is working on a job on the new Railway Station and do some shopping, but Renae is unwell, she has slept all morning and has a tummy ache - so I will keep an eye on her and see how she goes. There has been so much sickness around this year and luckily until now we have managed to avoid it all. No such luck anymore me thinks!
I received a box of goodies from Karen for the Hyden Retreat the other day - The new Ashville range from Scenic Route is very noice and I can't wait to get stuck into my project samples.

Look who I looked after yesterday!

Harry - Isn't he just gorgeous...look at those eyelashes and chubby cheeks.
After we played blocks for a while, he fell asleep on my lap and then slept for nearly 2 hours - so not much effort on my part really.
Anyway I think that covers the last few days at least.
Hope everyone is well and enjoying their week!


Jenny said...

Harry is sooooo cute! Playing with Blocks OMG it has been so long since I have done that! Although the other night Josh (Jo's son) and I managed to fix some bombed satelittes and we restored calm to man kind! (beat that!!!)

The happy sack looks good. I made my boys some awhie ago and I just used wheat for theirs (as in a heat bag.)

You are a goose for worring about your albums I cant see why anyone would be disappointed with your beautiful work.

Talk to you NEXT WEEK then LOL

Luv Jen xxx

Jenny said...

I forgot to say that I hope Renee feels better soon and I agree the new Scenic Route is Noice, its good, its noice!!

So is the new Basic Grey - very boyish!!!
Luv Jen again!!!! xxx

Tracey Bower said...

Hi Sharon,
Great to catch up on what you are up too, all very cute by the way. Thanks for tagging me, I must get too and update it to my blog. tut tut. Have fun creating for the retreat and hope you steer clear from all the bugs floating around at present.
Take care

Hannah said...

CUTE hackey sack!! Love it!!

I hope your girlie is feeling better soon. Horrible when the family isn't well!

Lissy said...

Well you have been fairly busy! Glad the album is done...I would be a nervous wreck handing one over! Hope Renae perks up in time for the weekend! Cute companion you have there!

Megan said...

Updating once a week is still more than I do lately Sharon!

I love your cute.

And yes, there has been SO MUCH sickness around this year hasn't there? It's awful. Bring on summer.

Megan xx

Judy said...

this blogging this is difficult sometimes. harry is so gorgeous too. hope renae is better.

Mel Goodsell said...

Loving your creations and my oh my, little Harry is gorgeous!

Kate T said...

What a darling little guy! And yes the new Scenic Route is very noice Kim! PP loved it too! xx Kate.