Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Just to let you know that Paper Pesto have now released all their Sneak Peeks of the September kit so go take a look at the Paper Pesto blog. Yum gotta love that Scenic Route!
I have been working on my secret project which is nearing completion and what would a secret project be without a few hiccups! I'm trying to iron out one last hiccup and I should be ready to launch. Sorry this has taken so long and I know I have been teasing you long enough already, but what's that saying - "Good things come to those that wait".
Sports carnival last Friday for the girls and Gemma did really well and won her 50m and got 2nd in the 100m and also competed in the long jump and relay (poor thing she had to run 200m in the relay cause they didn't have enough girls in her year/faction to compete)! She got pipped on the line too....another 2nd.
Happy Birthday to my brother Peter today, I won't reveal how old he is, but he is older than me! I hope you have a great day and that Harley becomes a reality one Happy Anniversary to Peter and his wife Sandra too , married 27 years ago today, yes they were married on Peter's birthday cause he didn't want a 21st birthday party.....ooops, just gave away your age didn't I....sorry!
Off to lunch at Lis' place tomorrow and catching up with Alli too, so I'm looking forward to that too. Happy Hump Day and catch you soon.....take care.


Hannah said...

You must be really proud of Gemma, those are some great results!! LOVE the photo of her doing the long jump too!!

Jenny said...

Sharon, Sharon, Sharon....Hurry UP!!! we want to see your secret that you are doing!!!

Hope you have a great lunch, I know when you girls get together you have NOTHING to talk about LOL!

Great photo - I love your camera!

Take care and will catch up soon.

Luv Jen xxx

Judy said...

Well, waiting with bated breath over here!!!

megan pickwell said...

What an impressive little athlete Sharon - looking forward to the secret project being revealed!