Saturday, August 11, 2007

Just for Mel!

Sorry I haven't been blogging Mel, life has got in the way a bit lately as well as my submission to the For Keeps Elite Team - But as of about half an hour ago, it is all done! It will be posted off on Monday and then I can forget all about it.

This morning Steve took Renae to work as he had to go and do some work on site and told me to stay in bed and have a sleep-in! Loved it, I woke about 9.00am, grabbed a cup of tea, checked my emails and read some blogs, then got out of my pyjamas at about 9.45am. Sheer indulgence. Steve got home about an hour ago and presented me with these......

A sleep in and flowers all in one day! I must have done something right lately! LOL Seriously, they are the most beautiful colour not pink and not purple, just gorgeous. Lucky me.
Have you checked out Ali Edwards' blog lately, she has a challenge going called "Daily Something" and now I have my submission out the way, well I hope to find the time to participate, it looks like alot of fun. I think I will do one for each of the girls and drive them mad with my camera this week. Alli's doing it to and has already made a start on hers.
Speaking of cameras, on the advice from Megan I had my sensor (camera sensor that is) cleaned this week and it has made the world of difference. I don't have to Photoshop the blurry blob out all the time now. Only thing was the place where I took it had all this yummy camera accessory stuff so I might have to re-visit in the near future when I win lotto. I did pick up some Ilford A3 photopaper though.
Renae has had to submit her expressions of interest for her subject selection for Year 11 this week. I forgot how much thought had to go into this process. Please tell me what 14 year old knows what she wants to do when they leave school? I know there are some that have their hearts set on being a nurse for example and that's what they end up being, but honestly these days there are so many opportunities for students that we didn't have, it makes it all the more harder. Renae has been sensible about it though and selected a broard range of subjects so that she can make a decision in the future and not necessarily now.
Just to let you know to Tomorrow's Memories launched their website last week so go take a peak. Congratulations to Vicki, Jo & Clori, it looks fantastic.
I'm looking forward to catching up again this week. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend whatever you are up to.


Mel Goodsell said...

Yay for you finishing your entry. Good luck Sharon :O)

Oh your sleep in sounds nice and the roses - how beautiful!
Have a lovely Sunday,

Hannah said...

Oh, what a gorgeous rose!! Just beautiful!

Enjoy your sleep in ... I'm getting one tomorrow too as the boys are staying at Nana & Grandad's ... we've just been to a wedding!

Lissy said...

Gee what a nice day you have had :)

And submission done so a relaxing weekend! YAY!!

Jenny said...

I'm soooo jealous! the roses are just beautiful. Good Luck with your submission to FK! I'm glad your camera is working better now. I really miss my camera! I have to wait till the tax man refunds me some money before I can by another.

Have a wonderful week. Luv Jen xxx

meganpickwell said...

You lucky lady - sleep in AND flowers - what a keeper you have there!
My 14 year old has just gone through the same thing, my advice was, choose what you love doing and what you are good at! Megan xo

Karen Gladney said...

Great blog you have. Great pictures. Why not come on over to my blog for your chance of winning blog candy!