Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Back from Busselton

Yes, we are back from our fantastic weekend away for Xmas in July and I am still washing! One of the downfalls of a very wet and windy weekend away.

All the families had a great time and it was wonderful to see all the kids (14 of them) together and getting on so well. Some decisions were like trying to co-ordinate the Iraq war but we got there in the end.

On Saturday evening we invaded the camp kitchen at the Mandalay, which is really like a regular kitchen but on a larger scale, and enjoyed a couple of family skits and fantastic meal which we all contributed to. Now usually copious amounts of alcohol is consumed at this annual affair but this year I think we were all in bed by about 10pm. I don’t think some of us could face a hangover and kids wanting to be up early and on the go. There was an indoor pool which was a godsend given the weather was pretty dodgy all weekend. Those that stayed on for Sunday went down to Caves House in the afternoon and enjoyed the open fire and a beverage or two. A long walk was in order so we ventured down the beach experiencing gale force winds!!!! Or at least they felt like it.

We drove home on Monday and it rained ALL the way, lucky we did because the pool was about to overflow.

Back to reality now and I have an album to do for a new client as well as heaps of other bits and pieces to finish off.

Karen from Scrappin' Outback has invited me back to teach at the October retreat in Hyden which I am very much looking forward to, so I need to get some projects together and get organised. October is just around the corner!

Let's just say I have alot to do so I had better get off here and go do it!

Til next time take care.


Jenny said...

Sounds like you had such a great time, now you have had fun, GET BACK TO WORK!!! LOL hahahaha

That is a great photo of you Sharon, you look so happy and rested. And yes October is not far away!!! One of my friends has already done her Christmas shopping... Scary but true, see you soon

Lub Jen xxx

Hannah said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend away!! Love the photo of you with windswept hair - just stunning!

Judy said...

Glad your break was so nice.
Nice news about album and retreat - woohoo.

Megan said...

Hi Sharon,

I am so pleased you had a great time away. I just love Busselton.

Have fun getting organised for Hyden...wish I could come too!

Megan xx

Mel Goodsell said...

It sounds like you had fun in Busselton . That's a cute pic of you and yes, it sure does look windy!

Lissy said...

Glad you had a fab if wet time - super pic of you too :)Sounds like you are busy! Can you think up some projects for me to teach

Tracey Bower said...

Hi Sharon,
Was not the best weekend weather wise was it, glad you all had a great time anyway. KWYM about going away but the washing and catch up is definitely not something to look forward to.
Good luck with all your projects on ATM. Take care

Ilka said...

Good to hear you had such a great break. That photo of you is simply beautiful, I love it!

MeganPickwell said...

You brave lady - 14 children! AND you are still smiling!
Megan xo

Mel said...

Waiting patiently for another blog update Sharon :O)