Wednesday, July 25, 2007

School, Weekend, Paper Pesto, Thing, Junk & Kangaroos

Well, the girls went back to school yesterday and all was good except they both discovered that some of their teachers had in particular they were both looking forward to having was Mr Harris, but now they have Mr Harris' little brother Mr Harris, who apparently looks exactly like the older Mr Harris!

We are really looking forward to this weekend as we are off to Busselton for our annual Xmas in July jaunt. It's forecasted to be wet and windy but I'm quite looking forward to that too (I may come to regret that comment). The girls are pretty excited too as we haven't been anywhere this year since getting home from 3 weeks in Sydney on 5th Jan. This is quite unusual for us but Steve has been working non stop since and the opportunity just hasn't been there for us all to have a break. Sure Steve and I had our 2 day break in Albany recently but that didn't include the kids. So we are all hanging for a bit of space and change of scenery with "old" friends. I'm also looking forward to giving my camera a good working out so standby next week for some photos.

I have been scrapping, I promise, I have been working on some layouts for my submission to FK Elite Team. I have 2 so far that I am really very happy with. Hopefully next week I can work on some more.

Paper Pesto are releasing daily sneak peaks of the August kit on the blog, so go take a look, the kit looks very interesting including a wax seal! Today's reveal looks like my kinda stuff.

I have also been working on a larger project and trying to get it off the ground for sometime now but I find the goal posts keep shifting for me, or should I say I keep moving them! I think this may be indicative of the type of industry that scrapbooking is, it's forever changing and to make this "thing" work I need to focus, but how can you when there are so many new and yummy materials coming into the market place? Anyway, Steve and I had a discussion yesterday and the penny dropped regarding some things that I have been struggling with and I am sure I now have a very clear vision of what I need to achieve. Now I just need 20 more hours in the day!

Here is a sneak peak at one element of what I have in mind.

Now, you may remember sometime back (March to be exact) that I took part in the Artistic Journey Retreat and was lucky enough to do one of Michael de Meng's classes, well I think I have created a monster......Steve works out on site alot doing soil analysis so the types of properties he is working on are quite often future subdivisions, so he finds all sorts of interesting stuff like gear boxes from cars, barbed wire, shoes, tin etc. Well he came home with some amazing items the other day like these........

Now Steve is right into this, in fact when I did the class with Michael, well lets just say that I think he should have done the class not me! He has been itching to get in and put something together and again time is the major issue here, something we both need more of. I do hope he persues this soon because we are going to have to build another shed to fit it all in!

An image I wanted to share with you.....I took this the other afternoon. Across the road from where we live is a vacant 5 acre lot where mobs of kangaroos congregate to feed in the late afternoon sun (when there is sun that is). Quite often we watch the kangaroos "boxing" and commentate the action as if we were watching it on tv. Quite funny! Perhaps you have to be here to see the funny side. Anyway I wandered up there and managed to catch quite a few boxing photos but this one was the funniest.

Thanks for reading this far if you have......I probably won't post until next week now so take care and catch you then.


Hannah said...

Wow, how amazing to have kangaroos doing that and being so close to them! Cool!!

Enjoy your holiday!

Lissy said...

Great photo :)

Your sneek peak looks very interesting!!

You sounds busy....have a fabulous weekend :)

Mel Goodsell said...

LOL at the kangaroos, how funny. I love your sneaky peaky too :O)

Ilka said...

Love your sneak preview, makes me wonder, whatever it is it sounds very intriguing and am looking forward to the reveal!
Wow if I see anything box across our street it's 2 little kiddos.. and you got kangaroos.. wow!
Hope you have a fabulous midwinter x-mas holiday trip!

Jenny said...

Have a wonderful time away.. Merry Xmas!!! i can just imagine how beautiful your two layouts are that you have already done for the DT.

My boys actually got some new teachers yesterday as well and needless to say "not happy Jan!"
But life goes on and they will have to adapt wont they!!!

Your sneek peak looks very interesting, knowing you if your not 110 per cent happy with something you wont go with it! Soooo I am really looking forward to your new adventure.

How funny is the photo! they are so strong, lucky they only box each other.

Have a great time and will BLOG you when you get back.

Luv Jen xxx
PS I hope you found that weird paint you were looking for xxx

nikala o'brien said...

I hope you have a wonderful relaxing time away. Can't wait to see what you snap with your camera!

Judy said...

Come on steve!!!Waiting to see something fabo over here.
Sneak peak looks awesome.

Pearl Maple - Mandy Collins said...

Oh this sneak peek has me tempted to keep coming back to see what you are up to. Both a nice matters and rocking blog award in one week, you are doing well !

Thank you for all the lovely creative things you share with everyone here.