Thursday, July 19, 2007

I've been tagged!

Thanks Tracey for tagging me, but I'm not sure there are 8 things I can tell you that are remotely interesting about myself.........but here goes:

1- post these rules
2- each person tagged must post 8 random {hopefully interesting} facts about themselves.
3- tags should write a blog post of these facts.
4- at the end of the post 8 more bloggers are tagged and named.
5- go to their blogs and leave a comment telling them they are tagged.
  1. I have been scrapping for about 3 years now and was selected as part of the 2006 Scrapworks DT and currently reside on the Paper Pesto Design Team.
  2. I attended Methodist Ladies’ College, Claremont for my entire school life.
  3. My first car accident was on my 2nd date with my husband, I hit a Solicitor and Barrister for the Supreme Court! Steve thought he would do the honourable thing and fill in the forms at the Police Station only to ask me….”What is your surname?” I’m sure the impressions of his fingernails are still in the dash of that car!
  4. I used to be a Travel Consultant and have travelled to quite a few places, but still have a heap to see.
  5. When I do the food shopping I have a typed up list in aisle order of the store and I have to go the same way every time or I miss something! Steve refuses to do it that way……just to annoy me!
  6. I am a list person…….a list for everything or I forget.
  7. When I was 18 my dear friend died of a brain tumour, I am still very good friends with his Mum and see her on a semi-regular basis.
  8. I love chocolate of any kind except white chocolate.
OK If you haven't already been tagged consider yourself so!

The girls did some more baking today - 2 lots of cupcakes so we have cupcake overload.

I have decided that I need to use my camera heaps more so that I can learn what it does in different all I need is the time! Can someone please lend me some time? I want to know where the school holidays have gone? I mean flippin heck it's nearly the end of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just take me back to May and I will be happy cause that's all it feels like.

Anyway that's it for today.....happy whatever you are doing!


Lissy said...

Great can always bring some of those cupcakes over here!!!

Hannah said...

I enjoyed reading your 8 "facts" - very interesting!!

And I SOO know what you mean about wanting more time! Why can't I get an extra 24h each day?? Would make life a lot easier! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, Oh no hitting a barrister, and I would have loved to be a travel consultant, but never happened. I would love more time LOL !!

I guess what I love chocolate as well, but I also love Melting Moments.

Have a great weekend Sharon.

Carole xx

Tracey Bower said...

Hi Sharon,
Great to learn some more about you. LOL about your hubbies fingernails in dash. You are making me feel really guilty about being very slack in the home cooking department, if you get a great cupcake recipe please share. So relate to time issue, even my 10 year old can't believe how quick this year is disappearing. That spun me around a bit because as a kid I always thought time went sooooo slow. Must be the busy lives we lead these days. Have a great weekend. Sorry for the long winded comment. LOL. Take care

Melissa Goodsell said...

I loved reading your facts. LOL about how you do your grocery shopping - I'd love to be that organised, can you send some of your list making skills my way :O)